Used Tire Beach, Fl-As with all things automotive and tires safety first. Some in the new tire industry, mainly Goodyear, Bridgestone Firestone, Pirelli and Michelin over recent decades have said and written some nasty things about used tires. The tire makers in a concerted effort attacked U.S. sellers of American Used tires in foreign countries. They lobbied foreign governments where they owned and operated factories banning the importation of Used Tires. The tire makers instead of using facts distort reality to paint used tires as potentially unsafe just because it is used. Their main reason is you do not know the history of the tires life. We say Bullshit, if the tire is well inspected and came off or out of service only because the owner was sold a set of new tires, there is nothing wrong with reselling a good used tire. The EPA states Reuse which when you purchase a safe used tire is reuse is the highest form of tire recycling.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that about ten percent of auto accidents are tire-related. Most of the time it is the tire owner’s failure to maintain proper tire pressure.
Why buy new tires?
The cost these days makes purchasing new tires cost-prohibitive to many. That is why used tire sales have flourished in many countries and the United States. A well-inspected used tire can save the consumer hundreds of dollars and still provide safety. The continuous use of the old worn-out tire is what is dangerous not the use of a good well-inspected used tire A new set of tires can run into the thousands of dollars today which is why the used tire market is booming and a safe alternative.
Go check out online what a 255-35-21 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 costs with acoustic foam for a Tesla costs… close to $500 a tire and in today’s market there are tires for high-end vehicles that are $600-$700 per tire.

Tread Depth
Tread depth is the vertical measurement between the top and the bottom of the rubber pattern on the tire. Statistics show that a depleted tread is one of the main factors of tire-related traffic accidents. You need to measure the tread depth before purchasing a used tire.

Most tires usually have 6 tread wear bars throughout their grooves which serve as indicators for the minimum allowed tread depth which is 2/32”. The bars become visible when the tread is reaching a certain depth. You should measure in different grooves, as used tires may be affected with uneven wear. Tire models have several grades of bars: at 8/32”, 6/32”, 4/32”, and 2/32”.

The best way to do this with an external tool is to use a tread depth gauge. This is an inexpensive tool you can find in any auto shop. Insert the gauge’s pin into a groove and press it towards the tread. You will get a precise reading of your used tire’s tread depth in inches and millimeters. You can also get an accurate reading from a ruler by using a 1/16” scale.

If you don’t happen to have access to any of these, you can also measure tread depth with a penny or a quarter. The two ways of performing this test are:

Checking Tire Depth With Quarter Coin
Checking tire depth with a quarter coin.
Put a penny sideways into a tread groove and look at how much of Lincoln’s head hides in it. If you can see all of it, the tire is worn out with 2/32” tread depth. If a small part of the head is still in the groove, you may have 4/32” tread left. Then use a penny with the Lincoln Memorial facing you. If the top of it is covered by the used tire’s tread, you have 6/32” or more. If you’re using a quarter, insert it between the ribs of the tire and see if the tread covers a part of Washington’s head. If it does, you have a tread of 4/32” or more.

The different levels of depleting tread depth are as follows:
– 6/32” and more is a satisfactory tread depth.

– 5/32” is usually still sufficient, although tires may exhibit weaker traction on wet roads.

– 4-3/32” this level is borderline between still usable and unsafe.

– 2/32” at this level tires are considered bald and unsafe.

Look For Signs of damage
Check the tire for punctures. If the tire had a puncture make sure it was repaired with a professionally installed patch.
Check the bead area is the inner circle of the tire that connects the tire to the wheel and holds it together.

Check the entire surface of the tire for visible cracks or cuts in the sidewall. If the sidewall has bumps or other irregularities it is also unsafe to use as an impact might have forced the rubber to detach from the belts. Also, check for irregular wear that might expose the steel cords inside the tire. If there are some sticking out, the tire is unsafe to use.

You really want to make sure the used tire is safe for driving. In order to help you with that, we made an in-depth article on the topic.

Age of the tire
Tires show a four-digit number that indicates its age on its sidewall. The first two numbers show the week in which it was manufactured, and the other two digits represent the year. For example, a tire with a DOT code of 1518 was made in the 15th week of 2018. You should know the tire’s identification number.

Remember do not thump them Pump them and check regularly your tire pressure with a gauge.

Reuse, reduce, recycle. Buying used tires that are still roadworthy is the highest form of true tire recycling.The United States discards over 300 million scrap tires annually. We can do better when it comes to tire recycling and we have.
But there is still work to be done there are still used tires being dumped illegally in every state,to avoid scrap tire disposal fees. The dumpers of scrap tires in clandestine dumpsites is still occurring, thankfully not as frequently as it once was. It is just out of their own greed that these individuals give an entire industry a bad reputation. Every state at this point has scrap tire laws on what is permitted and who is permitted to transport and dispose of discarded old tires.
Again we reiterate that there is no better use of a take-off tire that can be reused to be used as a used tire.
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Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Usedtires. com-As online direct used tire sales continue to grow, in growing along with the industry trend. Online sales via direct website purchase, Facebook Marketplace, and EBay have been skyrocketing changing the way Americans are buying tires both new and used tires.
Much like Tirerack which is now owned by Discount Tires changed online sales for new tires, the used tire industry has also seen a shift, especially in high-end tires. The sales of premium brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Continental and Goodyear in used tires from 18″ thru 22″ have soared in online sales.
Many question why? Well, the answer is simple the price of new tires has risen, many tires now costing $400,$500, or even $600 a tire. Now many consumers seek high tread well inspected premium branded used tires to use daily and also will purchase when returning their leaseback vehicles. On the leaseback, many used tire dealers have discovered this lucrative niche market where the buyer needs the same size brand, and model in many cases upon returning the leased vehicle to the dealer. So why buy new?
Regardless of the nonsense of the new tire manufacturers association which is almost always negative sales and use of well inspected high tread used tires are a viable and safe alternatives. The simple fact a tire was demounted from a rim does not make it unsafe to use. The United States discards over 300 million tires per year each and every tire that can be re-used should be either as a casing for a retreaded tire or sold as a used tire for passenger cars or L/Ts.The reuse of still-good used tire or casing saves space in landfills or at least delays the burning of most end-of-life scrap tires in cement kilns which is still the number one way we recycle tires by getting the energy out of them to fuel a kiln. Leading The Way With Used Tire Sales On The Internet From Deerfield Beach

Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-The sales of used tires have exploded since the pandemic, owner of Howard Levy says. Levy who has been selling used tires since 1981 and wholesaling and exporting them since 1991, has entered the online sales market. Having the most recognizable domain has been a great help. When you start selling on the net the best thing you can have is a generic domain and one that is self-explanatory is king. Having a digital asset like has enabled us to catch up and pass by many online used tire sellers. Like the song says we have only just begun. ships used tires FedEx ground throughout the continental United States from its headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida. specializes in 18″, 19″,20″21”, and 22″ Ultra High-Performance tires for leaseback vehicles. We carry a line of used tires for Audi, BMW, Corvettes, Mercedes, Porsche, and Range Rovers. The used tires we sell in many cases cost $300 to $500 apiece new, many owners do not want to spend thousands on a lease vehicle they are returning so buying high tread used tires is a viable alternative.

Our online store is under construction and will be online shortly. You can find us on eBay, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and Offerup . also has tires for other vehicles, just give us a call or text at 954-573-5012. If we don’t have it we will try our best to locate them from one of our wholesale customers locally. [email protected] Leading The Way With Used Tire Sales On The Internet From Deerfield Beach

Usedtires. com- January,11 2022-From-Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-The sales of used tires have exploded since the pandemic, owner of Howard Levy says. Levy who has been selling used tires since 1981 and wholesaling and exporting them since 1991, has entered the online sales market. Having the most recognizable domain has been a great help. When you start selling on the net the best thing you can have is a generic domain and one that is self-explanatory is king. Having a digital asset like has enabled us to catch up and pass by many online used tire sellers. Like the song says we have only just begun. ships used tires FedEx ground throughout the continental United States from its headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida. specializes in 18″, 19″,20″21”, and 22″ Ultra High-Performance tires for leaseback vehicles. We carry a line of used tires for Audi, BMW, Corvettes, Mercedes, Porsche, and Range Rovers. The used tires we sell in many cases cost $300 to $500 apiece new, many owners do not want to spend thousands on a lease vehicle they are returning so buying high tread used tires is a viable alternative.


Used Tire News–Deerfield Beach, Fl- All you have to do is a quick internet search for used tires, used tire, buy used tires, or used tires near me. Inevitably online sellers of used tires will appear at the top of the search result. is now selling on Facebook Marketplace and eBay. is also selling on the internet in a few other online marketplaces and the LetGo app. We currently have our website designer working on installing a database generator that will allow you to shop by brand or size for quality used tires.


Used Tire News-


What is dry rot?
Also known as sidewall cracking, dry rot is a specific type of tire decay that can occur as a tire ages or is consistently exposed to harmful substances and kept in inappropriate conditions. Advanced dry rot can cause small cracks on the outside edges of your tire tread. If this happens it could have a negative impact on your car’s handling, even if your tread still has adequate depth overall.

Though it might appear similar, dry rot tires are by no means considered blemished tires. Blem tires do have imperfections but they are only cosmetic – which means they do not affect tire performance in any way. You can learn more about blemished tires in another blog post.

Tires degrade over time because the rubber loses its protective resin. The resin protects the tire from oxidizing and drying out. When the tire loses these protective properties, it becomes frail and begins to crack.

What causes dry rot?
The most common cause of dry rot is a long period of inactivity. If a vehicle is stationary for a long period of time, the tires will start to dry out. Tires are intended for frequent use by their design, the aforementioned resins mean the tires to be in continual use for them to release their protective oils and keep the tire from drying out. So, the longer your car is sitting in one place, the danger of dry rot becomes more likely.

dry Tires in a desert
Tires in a desert (probably really dry).
As climate and exposure to the sun are big factors in the appearance of dry rot, the danger is that much greater if your vehicle is parked outside for an extended period of time, exposed to the elements. To cover all the bases, here’s a list of all the factors that may contribute to dry rot:

Excessive or direct sunlight that exposes the tires to harmful UV rays
Long term exposure to high temperatures
Long term exposure to low temperatures
Exposure to chemicals such as motor oils, industrial cleaning solutions, pool maintenance chemicals, etc.
Underinflation, especially when the car is driven regularly
Ozone generated by electrical equipment
Extended periods of vehicle inactivity, especially when combined with any of the above
How to spot dry rot?
Dry rot manifests itself in a couple of ways. A new, healthy tire has a smooth appearance while the most common sign of dry rot is cracking. As mentioned, dry rot dries the tire, so if your tires have been struck by dry rot, you may notice pieces of the rubber chipping away from the tire. Cracks on the sidewall might start appearing. The tire may start to lose color, appearing more gray than black, and this is a clear sign that the dry rot is starting to take hold.

Tire Dry Rot
Dry rot tire.
Cracks on the outside of the tread may also appear. The cracks on the tread are the most dangerous symptom of dry rot, as they affect the vehicle’s handling. These cracks could be large and noticeable or thin and more subtle, depending on the degree of the dry rot.

Is it safe to drive with dry rot tires?
The smartest course of action is to not tempt fate and have dry rotted tires switched out immediately upon noticing the issue. Since cracks appear due to dry rot, the tire can lose air through these cracks. If these tires are then consistently driven on, the cracks start to grow larger and deeper.

If the crack goes deep enough to reach the nylon strands that are woven into the tire to support the weight of the vehicle, the heat accumulated through driving will enlarge the tire and it may break apart while you are on the highway.

How to prevent dry rot?
The factors that cause dry rot can be curbed by taking a few preventative measures. The industry standard is to swap out tires before they get to be 10 years of age (some tire companies recommend replacement as early as six years after manufacture). Don’t skimp when purchasing new tires, go for the highest quality tires you can afford when replacing an old set of tires. When purchasing, choose tires based on speed rating and tread wear strength.

Even if you have no need for it, drive your car regularly, avoid letting a car sit unused for a long period of time, and especially avoid letting your car sit in harsh environmental conditions for those extended periods. Pay special attention to your tires if you live in a part of the world that experiences all four seasons. The shifting between hot and cold temperatures accelerates the aging process in tires, especially if the shifts in temperature come rapidly. If you happen to live somewhere with extreme temperatures (winter or summer) then it’s a good idea to check your tires for signs of dry rot more often.

Keep your car in a climate-controlled garage to reduce the chances of dry rot. If you do park in a garage, keep chemical solutions, heaters, and electrical equipment away from your car. If you must park outside, pay attention to the weather. Cover your entire car or use tire covers to minimize the effects of temperature fluctuations.

Check air pressure as often as you can. Underinflated tires can collapse and crease the sidewall of the tire. Older tires are more likely to crack, collapse or develop dry rot if driven while underinflated. According to a study by the NHTSA, 14% of all passenger vehicles in the U.S. have at least one underinflated tire. You can also utilize protective tire sealants. They can renew the shine of a new tire and also protect the tire from harmful UV rays that can lead to cracking and dry rot.

USED TIRE NEWS-ExxonMobil engages in pyrolysis, forms joint venture with chemical recycler The Used Tire News authority

Used Tire news-Deerfield Beach Fl-From engages in pyrolysis, forms joint venture with chemical recycler

JANUARY 7, 2021

2020 has become a great year in forming partnerships between tire and plastic pyrolysis companies with world’s leading chemical producers, and pyrolysis operators with tire manufacturers. In the beginning of 2021, good news comes again, this time – from the plastics pyrolysis domain, which nevertheless goes hand in hand with end-of-life tire pyrolysis.

Agilyx – a chemical recycling company – and ExxonMobil have created a joint venture that will sort and recover waste plastic, the chemical recycling company recently revealed.

The joint venture, called Cyclyx International, will develop ways to aggregate and process waste plastics, preparing them for recycling. Under an agreement signed by the two companies, ExxonMobil will invest $8m for a 25% stake in Cyclyx, Agilyx said.

In return, ExxonMobil will get priortised access to plastic waste for recycling projects that it is developing, Agilyx said. ExxonMobil will also get access to Agilyx’s artificial intelligence platform. The two companies will work together to develop more technologies and techniques. Agilyx said it will benefit from a royalty on all the feedstock flowing through Cyclyx.

The company had created Cyclyx earlier to connect waste companies with chemical and mechanical recyclers. ExxonMobil is a founding member of the joint venture. Cyclyx wants to attract other companies, which could include retailers, brand owners, waste-management companies, petrochemical producers and municipalities.

Accoriding to ICIS, by 2025, Cyclyx plans to develop systems that can collect and sort 300,000 tons/year, Agilyx said. The company did not specify if the figure is in short tons or metric tons. By 2030, Cyclyx wants to process 3 million tons per annum of waste plastic around the world, it said.

ExxonMobil said, “The agreement will enable the development of innovative solutions for aggregating and pre-processing large volumes of plastic waste to be used as raw material in recycling processes.”

Collecting, sorting and pre-processing plastic waste has been one of the main challenges of recycling the material, whether chemically or mechanically. Under mechanical recycling, waste plastic is cleaned, sorted and remelted. Sorting is critical, since different types of plastic can contaminate the recycled resins and compromise its performance.

Chemical recycling breaks down the chemical bonds in the plastic, producing feedstock that can be re-polymerised to form new plastics with properties nearly indistinguishable from virgin material. Chemical recycling can handle mixed plastics and material that is too dirty or degraded for mechanical recycling. However, chemical recycling requires chemical plants.

Chemical recycling also needs some degree of sorting, since the chlorine in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can react during chemical processes to produce harmful byproducts. Agilyx has a plant in Tigard, Oregon state in the US, which relies on pyrolysis to convert waste polystyrene (PS) into styrene oil.

For the full article, please proceed to the website of Independent Commodity Intelligence Services ICIS.



Used Tire Deerfield Beach, Fl-
As we have posted previously buying used tires is safe. The used tires you purchase should be well inspected, free from apparent damage, and no more than 8 years old for passenger cars is recommended. Air tested and visual inspections are always recommended. Contrary to what some new tire makers have put out there the simple act of taking a tire from a rim does not render it unusable. Tire makers via their trade group US Tire Manufacturers Association have for decades spread false rumors about potentially dangerous used tires, nonsense. Each and every used tire is or is not usable depending on different factors of safety. The simple fact you may not know the history of the tire,(what the hell does that mean anyway) is not one of them. The age, condition, and appearance of anomalies are things that need to be considered. In most cases, tires are so well-made they can have two if not three lives. The use if used tires by a sector of the economy not able to purchase new tires has and is always been in the tire market. In the US we sell over 30 million used tires a year. That is why the new tire makers speak badly about our industry they have a tough time competing with s in certain markets and are sore losers.


Used tire -Deerfield Beach, Fl-In the last ten years a new way to recycle tires was born. Tire baling gives tire recyclers and used tire sellers a way to ship tires for disposal overseas cheaper by compacting them. Used Tire baling is a huge part of the tire recycling industry today. In the US we dispose of over 300 million scrap tires a year. Many can be reused and are sold as used tires. Used Tires provide consumers an alternative to buying high priced new tires. Every used tire sold at least saves the dumps or cement kilns from disposing of the carcass temporarily. Reuse Reduce Recycle, buy used tires.

Gradeall International – a renowned supplier of tyre bailing and tyre recycling technology from Northern Ireland – reports that its MK2 tyre baler has been a successful product for the company and its clients. In production for over 10 years, the MK2 tyre baler has found customers across the globe.

Challenges with end-of-life tyre bales
One thing some customers have found during the baling process is that regular PAS108 tyre bales are slow and laborious to load into a shipping container. While PAS108 bales are great for civil engineering applications the usage bales for construction has been rather limited bringing into question the need to produce bales to that specific size.

The actual bale size is not really important to tyre recycling plants, the MK3 tyre baler has been specifically designed to make bales that fit into shipping containers to make transporting tyre bales to recycling plants as straightforward and as efficient as possible.

Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler in action | Photos by Gradeall International.

Tyre bales are transported via shipping container to a tyre recycling plant. With a standard PAS108 bale, it requires 3 bales to be stacked on top of each other and one bale loaded in beside it vertically. It is turning the 4th bale vertically that significantly adds time to the container loading and unloading process.

The MK3 tyre baler is the solution, it produces tyre bales specifically to go into the width of a standard shipping container, with ample space to spare to ensure bales are also easy to remove.

Benefits of the Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler
Reduce 40-foot container loading times from 1 hour, to 20 minutes
20-22 MK3 tyre bales in a container, compared with 33 MK2 tyre bales.
Produce bales containing 130-140 tyres per bale, compared with the 85-90 tyres possible in a MK2 tyre baler.
Bales typically weigh 1200 kg
Container loading/unloading is easier, quicker, and safer
If you are at full capacity with a MK2 tyre baler, a MK3 baler will help you upscale your tyre baling operations.

Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler in action | Video by Gradeall International.

Gradeall says it has had several MK3 tyre balers at a number of sites undergoing extensive testing for over 2 years now. With customers of the baler extremely pleased with the reliability, durability and improved efficiency that comes with the baler. It reduces bale wire costs, shipping, and handling costs. All with the same ease of use and longevity the MK2 tyre baler has been known for.

The increased speed at which the MK3 tyre baler can produce bales has also opened up the avenue for a conveyor to feed tyres to this baler to minimise time lost due to operators searching for more tyres.

To learn more about the technical specifications of MK3 tyre baler and inquire for price, please proceed to Gradeall’s website.

USEDTIRES.COM ONLINE STORE IS COMING Deerfield Beach, Fl-Used Tire News-As we reported yesterday, you have asked and we have listened. the worldwide leader in used tire sales will be offering used tires direct to the public. Stay tuned to our news posts and we will keep you updated.
As we have reported many times this year the fastest growing sector of the sued tire industry is online direct to consumer. Much like Tire rack has mastered the online tire sales niche hopes to master the inline used tire sales niche. We will be offering the highest quality used tires in singles, pairs and sets direct to you.

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