Used Tires Inc Story

In 1982 Howard Levy originally from Totowa New Jersey began retailing used tires in his Texaco service stations in Broward County Florida. In 1987 Levy began exporting and selling used tires wholesale to tire dealers from Puerto Rico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Panama. Seeing the potential for true worldwide used tire distribution Levy began importing quality used tires from other countries, particularly from Europe, to mix with the American used tires he was already exporting to tire dealers in Latin America. Levy saw the advantage in offering custom orders of wholesale used tires by the container load. Levy shipped his used tires direct to used tire wholesalers and used tire retailers. Levy and Used Tires .Com have also expanded into tire recycling and scrap tire disposal. Used Tires .Com soon developed a network allowing scrap tire disposal, recycling scrap tires for tire derived fuel.

Used Tires .Com owner Howard Levy has been interviewed by the New York Times, The Wall Street, Journal, The Miami Herald, and Sun Sentinel as well as tire industry trade papers, tire business, and Modern Tire Dealer on the subject of used tire prohibitions and bans worldwide. Levy was recognized as an industry leader in the sales and distribution of used tires in 1996. Levy went to federal court in Puerto Rico and to the first circuit court of appeals in Boston to defend Puerto Rico’s tire dealer’s constitutional rights under the “commerce clause” to import and distribute used tires.

In 1997 with the advent of internet commerce Levy purchased the generic domains and with the hope and dreams of developing used tires .com into a truly global supplier of used tires to tire wholesalers, tire dealers, and direct consumers.

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Used Tires FAQ

How many tires in a container-load of passenger tires?

Approx from 1400-1600 European tires and from USA approx 1600-1800.

Who arranges shipping and customs documentation and trucking to our door?

We do…..used tires inc handles it all.

Is Used Tires .Com a member of the tire retread information bureau?

The answer to all of the above questions are yes.. Used Tires Inc promises and delivers… Trailer-loads of quality used tires worldwide we have nothing to hide… We gladly will provide references contact us today at.