The used tire industry is selling more used tires in the USA than ever. The majority are being sold in retail used tire shops. The next biggest category for used tires sales is online. Amazon, CraigsList, Facebook have all facilitated the sale of used tires. eBay has been a powerhouse in the used tire online game. Used tires are being sold in record number with an estimated 40Millin in total being exported and or resold in used tire shops across America. A simple Google search of used tires, used tires for sale or buy used tires and used tires near me will present millions of search results.

Recycling Of Used Tires- Tire Derived Fuel Is It A Scam For Fees

August 5,2019-Used Tire Beach, Fl-Used Tire recycling and fee collecting is it a scam? The fact of the matter is tire manufacturers should be held to cradle to grave recycling by law. The makers of tires have sold the public a bill of goods as to the effectiveness and environmentally safe destruction of tires by burning with coal. How many people have their hands in the till collecting scrap tire fees? Where is all of this money going? If you check out your invoices when buying tires itis confusing at best what the consumer is paying and to whom for tire disposal.
The tire industry taught the cement industry how to “monetize” scrap tires for fuel. They created Tire Derived Fuel for a tipping fee. For cement makers, it was a win-win they make money and save on the cost of coal to run their kilns. The bill of good sold by tire makers that tires are burning hotter and cleaner than coal does not say much. Tires burning j the kilns emit plenty of toxins also, just like coal. America is burning nearly 150 million scrap tires a year, but not really clean tire to energy as they would like you to believe.fact is Goodyear Bridgestone/Firestone Pirelli they are the ones that should be handling the worldwide scrap tire issue, yes scrap tires are still a problem.

Has The Tire Industry Scammed Us Into Believing Tire Derived Fuel Is Recycling And Not An Environmental Hazard

July 19, 2019
Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach, Fl- As we have written about many times more than half of the used tires/scrap tires disposed of annually are processed by cement kilns. Has the tire industry sold the world a bill of goods just so they can cheaply discard of 150 million-plus scrap tires every year in an environmentally unsound and polluting way? Well if you take a look at tires being burned in cement kilns you may begin to question other than the cement company saving money as well as the cheap disposal method for the tire dealer who else is benefitting. Certainly, environmentalists have been questioning the Tires burn cleaner and hotter than coal. Really who said coal burned clean? The truth- the dirty truth is that tire manufacturers need to be held to “cradle to grave” recycling if we are ever going to really solve the scrap tire problem. Burning tires in kilns is at best a short term solution of what to do with them as opposed to a really good for the environment solution. Tire recycling cradle to grave putting the emphasis where it belongs environmentally safe destruction and reuse of as much material before destruction, by the factory.

Amazon and Ebay Used Tire Sellers Have Huge Success

July 16, 2019-Derfield Beach ,Fl
Used Tire News-All you have to do is a quick Google search and you will find who is selling used tires on the internet, utilizing bot eBay and Amazon. Some of these sellers have obtained hundreds of thousands of used tire buyers online. The number of used tires being sold directly to consumers is staggering. Each and every state in the continental US has sellers of used tires using the net to merchandise their tires. Some of these sellers are selling tens of thousands of used tires annually.
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Used tire news-Deerfield beach, Fl-Contrary to what they want you to believe new tire makers have done little to help recycle scrap and or discarded used tires. The US discards in excess of 300 Million unusable used tires or scrap tires every year. The tire industry which back in the eighties pushed cement companies to upgrade their kilns to allow burning coal with scrap tires and thus saving on the coal. The new tire makers showed cement makers how to profit from “Tipping Fees” for accepting and burning scrap tires. While we have nothing against burning tires for TDF tire-derived fuel, there are certainly other things many of them new tire makers should be doing. Worldwide scrap and used tires can become issues if not attend to properly.

Americas Largest Used Tire Sellers

Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Among the largest wholesalers and exporters of Used tires are the following. Emmanuel Tires out of Baltimore Maryland a huge seller of used tires. Bob’s Tire out of Massachusetts also a top 5 seller of used tires. Then we come to Lakin Tire east and west in CT and Ca. Casings Inc in NY also a top seller. The 80-pound gorilla is now Liberty Tire who handles more than half of America’s scrap tires and thus the largest seller of used tires in the USA. We will continue in our next post with the largest sellers in Europe which is a little more complicated because of the record keeping. Do not forget us if you are looking for container loads of used tires, we can ship


Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Two of the fastest growing sectors in used tire sales, mobile installation and online direct to consumer sales.As the used tire industry in the USA and worldwide continues to grow used tire sellers find new ways to market used tires to keep up with the growing demand.Used tires which can be found in over 100 countries worldwide with an active used tire dealer network providing used tires to consumers who want them.
Used tire dealers have found sending out a mobile truck equipped with all the perks of a well-equipped tire shop captures a segment of used tire buyers that want the convenience of having their tires installed and mounted and balanced at home or work. this growing sector is providing used tire dealers with an additional profit center.
Used tire dealers have also found the internet to sell and deliver quality used tires directly to consumers. Some online used tire sellers in the US have hundreds of thousands of transactions on eBay and Amazon

Gm and Michelin Say Their New Tire Will Avoid Flats And Blowouts-But Still Can Be Sold As A Used Tire

The Michelin Uptis Prototype is tested on a Chevrolet Bolt EV Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at the General Motors Milford Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan. GM intends to develop this airless wheel assembly with Michelin and aims to introduce it on passenger vehicles as early as 2024. (Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors)

Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach,Fl-The new tire planned to be rolled out by Michelin and GM will be airless,will prevent flat tires and blow outs.That said they will still be able to be sold used something the new tire makers do not like.But to hell with them they make such a good product it has more than one life even the new airless tire they are promoting.

From“Uptis is an ideal fit for propelling the automotive industry into the future, and a great example of how our customers benefit when we collaborate and innovate with our supplier partners,” said Steve Kiefer, GM’s head of global purchasing and supply chain, in a release.
It will begin testing on public roads later this year on a fleet of Chevrolet Bolt vehicles. Michelin hopes the new tire will be available for purchase beginning in 2024.

Keep up on the new technology and leave space for the secondary market which recycles the products you make as you do not believe in cradle to grave tire recycling.Used tire sellers look forward to selling used “UPTIS” tires the same as we do pneumatic ones.

My Brother The Prince Of Used Tires In Puerto Rico

Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach,Fl-My Buddy, my lil brother came to Florida so we could continue selling used tires together. I have known Carlos for more than 25 plus years. Carlos’s dad Juan Ramon and I were business partners back in 1994. Carlos worked for us and travelled extensively with me. We visited Germany,The Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and other western European countries in search of used tires. We also visited many U.S cities and Central American countries to go and sell the used tires we had bought.

Two years ago Carlos moved to Deerfield Beach so we could begin the second chapter in our used tire venture.While we got off to a slow start with the tires. Used tires were in both of our blood and was something we felt we had to do,together.Unfortunately we never got that real chance,last Sunday I found Carlos dead in his apartment.

I had not communicated with him since Thursday night. When I got there Sunday Am and found him on the floor ,of course it was too late,he was gone.Getting there earlier would not have changed Carlos’s outcome but it would have meant my buddy , my brother was not all alone on the floor for three days as well as his body may have been able to be preserved and his family could have buried him. As a result of being alone for three days it was not possible to transport his body as severe decomposition had set in. His family had no choice , but to cremate him and have his ashes returned to his beloved “Isla” Puerto Rico”

We have lost “The Prince Of Puerto Rican Used Tires” ,I have lost a dear friend and brother.

My deepest condolences to Juan Ramon and the entire Perez family I know how difficult the past 9 days have been,RIP Carlos Javier Perez. Te Amo!

Please folks if you have a friend,relative a loved one that lives alone check up on them.The first sign of them not reponding should be the warning that something may be wrong and they need a welfare check.


Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach Florida-Nothing to be ashamed about selling used tires. Used Tires are the highest form of tire recycling-ReUse.Used Tires enter the market as tires are changed, from car wrecks where vehicles are salvaged. The greatest source os from tire retailers that do not sell used tires, their discarded tires are recovered, inspected and resold by tire recyclers worldwide. The USA discards over 330 Millon scrap tires a year of which over 40 million are resold as used tires. Consumers of used tires come from all walks of life including leaseback owners ready to turn in leased vehicles. Used Tires are exported in container loads worldwide also they are sold in local tire shops and online.

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