USED TIRE Beach, Fl- Source- WEIBOLD.COM-British branch of Schwalbe Tyres is set to launch an inner tube recycling plan — it will team up with bike shops that will conduct collection of used inner tubes; the collected materials will be returned to Schwalbe to undergo reprocessing.

The company’s plan seeks to help retailers show to their consumers that their businesses are environment-friendly and sustainable. Schwalbe also targets bike riders by asking them to bring used inner tubes to special shops that collaborate with the company.

Schwalbe tubes | Photo: courtesy of Cloud 9 Cycles.

Similar plan has been on in Germany for five years — it involved various tire dealers and proved to be successful. Apart from that, a similar project is run in the Netherlands.

Schwalbe Tyres UK believes that it’s crucial to boost recycling technology as natural resources are exploited and environment deteriorates. According to the company’s estimates, no less than 10 million used inner tubes are discarded into landfills annually, and Schwalbe is determined to take decisive actions.

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