Tire Irony-Used Tires In 2016 Sell In record Numbers!

Used Tires News-Deerfield Beach,Fl-The sales of Used Tires In the USA and from the USA topped all time highs in  2016.Used Tire sellers in America have sold over 45 Milion Used Tires in 2016.A number even shocking to the new tire industry.Used tire sellers reported the figures to The National Asociation of Used Tire Dealers this week.Sales were not just up in the Us but,also in Japan , South Korea and France, Germany,Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.The economic conditions world wide have pushed used tire sales through the roof.

American used tires sold over 30 million units retail in the US others were sold as exports.The fastest growing sector in used tire retailing is again in online used tire sales.Brick and mortar sed tire shops and flat fix stores also saw brisk increases in sales.Online sellers are using theri own websites,Ebay and Amazon as well as facebook to sell used tires.

The US is also an importer of used tires for both domestic use as there are sizes we need not available in the US tire recyling system.The Us imports more from Germany than any other country with Japan, Spain,France and Korea not far behind.An estimated ten million used tires were imported to the US last year.



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