Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach Fl


Even the used tire guy needs a nail repaired from his used tires once in a while.Used tires rough enough to withstand minor tire repairs and still have tens of thousands of miles of useful tread life left Even Michelin in their new commercial for “Pilots” say safe when new “safe when worn” negating the false propaganda new tire makers for decades have spewed about used tires and their safety.

Used tires have been tested driven on any defect that occurred in the manufacturing process which as we all know is way more dangerous to drivers. Over the course of tire manufacturing deaths from new tires and injuries caused are far greater than the almost nonexistent damages caused by used tires in service.

So Forty million US used tires sold in the past year were not sold to “fools” but to prudent consumers of Used Tires looking for an alternative to high priced new tires and recycling saving the environment while buying a used tire. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Buy American made used tires.