The Michelin Uptis Prototype is tested on a Chevrolet Bolt EV Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at the General Motors Milford Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan. GM intends to develop this airless wheel assembly with Michelin and aims to introduce it on passenger vehicles as early as 2024. (Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors)

Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach,Fl-The new tire planned to be rolled out by Michelin and GM will be airless,will prevent flat tires and blow outs.That said they will still be able to be sold used something the new tire makers do not like.But to hell with them they make such a good product it has more than one life even the new airless tire they are promoting.

From“Uptis is an ideal fit for propelling the automotive industry into the future, and a great example of how our customers benefit when we collaborate and innovate with our supplier partners,” said Steve Kiefer, GM’s head of global purchasing and supply chain, in a release.
It will begin testing on public roads later this year on a fleet of Chevrolet Bolt vehicles. Michelin hopes the new tire will be available for purchase beginning in 2024.

Keep up on the new technology and leave space for the secondary market which recycles the products you make as you do not believe in cradle to grave tire recycling.Used tire sellers look forward to selling used “UPTIS” tires the same as we do pneumatic ones.