Dear Editor,
This tire dealer wants to thanks you and Jeff Kip and Kathy McCarron for great in depth coverage about the internet,how it works why it works and is usefulness in obtaining customers and maintaining them.
The emphasis about a WEB Presence can not be understated.
We at Used Tires Inc.were fortunate enough to buy the Generic Key Words that pertain to our particular segment of the tire industry we operate
and and amongst other geneic URL’s we own and then thru Domain fOWARDING POINT TO OUR OPERATIONAL DOMAINS.
Tire Dealers need to understand how people search the internet and how they wind up at your site.
The importance of links…. KEYWORDS and “Search EngineOptimization” and “Search Engine Marketing” and why and how people get driven to or click on your website from the landing page on the search engine they used.
Direct Navigation which means the user bypasses a search engine and types the name of whatever thing they are searching for Directly into the Browser acoount for 10-20 percent of all searches giving domain owners with generic terms(usually the dotcom version) an extra advantage and usually a piece of intellectual property worth tens of thousands,hundreds of thousands if not more. In our indusry the following are the 15 most searched words or phrases Singular and plural version.according to
5 -tirerack
7- goodyeatire
9- coopertire

I hope in the future you will continue possibly with a series of articles bringing all tires dealers into the internet age and helping all of us maximize the net for our business’s.Possibly covering the importance of Unique vistors and Page Views,AS WELL AS FROM WHAT AREA THE SURFERS IP IS FOR IDENTIFYING GEOGRAPHICALLY WHO IS VISITING….AND HOW TO CONVERT THESE METRICS INTO SALES!!!
As well as how pay per click advertising (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) such as Google Adsense has turned ordinary website owners such as and
into an advertising billboard on the net……..Generating $$ revenue for us in addition to our tire sales…
Tirebusiness itself in additon to selling its print and direct online ads is also an Google adense publisher serving up tire related ads that match you sites content……
Howard Levy, President Used Tires Inc.