Used Tires-How To Read Tire Age From The Sidewall Of A Tire

Used Tires News-Deerfield Beach,Fl-How to read the age of your tires.

When it comes to determining the age of a tire, it is easy to identify when a tire was manufactured by reading its Tire Identification Number (often referred to as the tire’s serial number). Unlike vehicle identification numbers (VINs) and the serial numbers used on many other consumer goods (which identify one specific item), Tire Identification Numbers are really batch codes that identify the week and year the tire was produced.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires that Tire Identification Numbers be a combination of the letters DOT, followed by eight to thirteen letters and/or numbers that identify the manufacturing location, tire size and manufacturer’s code, along with the week and year the tire was manufactured.

“When it comes to determining the age of a tire, it is easy to identify when a tire was manufactured by reading its Tire Identification Number (often referred to as the tire’s serial number).”

Tires Manufactured Since 2000
Since 2000, the week and year the tire was produced has been provided by the last four digits of the Tire Identification Number with the 2 digits being used to identify the week immediately preceding the 2 digits used to identify the year.

Example of a tire manufactured since 2000 with the current Tire Identification Number format:

In the example above:
51 Manufactured during the 51st week of the year
07 Manufactured during 2007

While the entire Tire Identification Number is required to be branded onto one sidewall of every tire, current regulations also require that DOT and the first digits of the Tire Identification Number must also be branded onto the opposite sidewall. Therefore, it is possible to see a Tire Identification Number that appears incomplete and requires looking at the tire’s other sidewall to find the entire Tire Identification Number

The use of a partial Tire Identification Number on the one sidewall (shown above) reduces the risk of injury to the mold technician that would have to install the weekly date code on the top sidewall portion of a hot tire mold.

Tires Manufactured Before 2000
The Tire Identification Number for tires produced prior to 2000 was based on the assumption that tires would not be in service for ten years. While they were required to provide the same information as today’s tires, the week and year the tire was produced was contained in the last three digits. The 2 digits used to identify the week a tire was manufactured immediately preceded a single digit used to identify the year.

Example of a tire manufactured before 2000 with the earlier Tire Identification Number format:

In the example above:
40 Manufactured during the 40th week of the year
8 Manufactured during the 8th year of the decade

While the previous Tire Identification Number format identified that a tire was built in the 8th year of a decade, there was no universal identifier that confirmed which decade (tires produced in the 1990s may have a small triangle following the Tire Identification Number to identify the decade).

And finally, hold on to your sales receipt. Most tire manufacturer’s warranties cover their tires for four years from the date of purchase or five years from the week the tires were manufactured. So if you purchase new tires that were manufactured exactly two years ago they will be covered for a total of six years (four years from the date of purchase) as long as you have your receipt. If you lose your receipt, your tires’ warranty coverage will end five years from the week the tire was produced (resulting in the tire manufacturer’s warranty coverage ending only three years from the date of purchase in this example).


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The Biggest Used Tire Market Is Still The USA

Used Tires News-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Contrary to the cold calculated ruthless attempts by the new tire makers and their trade association, used tires from the USA lead worldwide sales. in every category of used tire sales from retail, brick, and mortar to retail online used tire sales and exports. Used tire sellers from the USA sold over 40 million units in the year ended 2017, many more than USTMA estimates.
As we have written about before just do a simple Google search for used tires you will get a return of over 906 million possibilities that is a reflection of how many people have searched that term. Used tires for sale, used tire, used tires near me also turn up high volume search results in many search engines as they are keywords pertinent to used tires. Follow us on Facebook for the latest in Used Tire News.

Highest Form of Tire Recycling Reuse Selling Used Tires

Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach,Fl-For decades while the US was trying to get a handle on its scrap tire problem, the EPA always documented used tire sales as the highest form, reuse of a scrap tire. The US discarded over 300 million scrap tires last year 2017. That said an estimated 40 million used tires were sold in the USA. Used Tire shops coast to coast, as well as online retailers, are selling used tires in record numbers.used tires for sale, just do a quick Google search or for used tires over 40 million results come back. Including those businesses that use Google AdWords and have the keywords used tires or used tires for sale, listed. Used tire dealers are becoming more tech-savvy with most having their own websites and social media pages. the internet authority on used tires and used tires for sale.

Father Of Used Tire Industry In Puerto Rico Passes Away

Used Tire News-San Juan,Puerto Rico-Sad to report on the passing of “The Father of Used Tires in Puerto Rico”, Juan Baez.
TUCO tires were his retail tire shops “brand”. Juan was a true pioneer in the used tire industry in Puerto Rico he was one of the first importers of used tires into the island. Juan had tire shops, as well as a true vulcanizing operation repairing High Tread, used tires in
Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Juan always the entrepreneur quickly began working with Lakin Tire as their representative in Puerto Rico in the late eighties. Baez for sure was the largest importer of used tires into Puerto Rico back in the day. Juan also was affiliated with Insa Turbo tires out of Spain on of the largest retreads in the world. Juan also was affiliated with Tech Tire repairs for decades. Juan was one of the funniest guys I have had the pleasure to meet in the used tire business. RIP my friend.

Used Tires Where The Rubber Meets The Road Buying Used Tires

Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach, Fl-From the Used Tire authority -When looking to buy used tires there are several things in addition to remaining tread depth consumers should pay attention to. Where and when the tire was made, that there is no excessive dry rot are also as important as the remaining tread. Used tire dealers need to inspect their inventory properly before putting it in inventory and should discard any tire that does not meet safety standards. In our continuing digital online news about used tires, we will be covering shortly how to crack the code and explain what each tires codes mean.

Used Tires And The Future

Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach, Fl-The future of used tires and their sales looks great. Used Tires which in the US are being sold in record numbers even with a slightly improved economy. Consumers have found used tires as a viable alternative to helping them in their pocketbook. Buying used tires saves energy and is a form of tire recycling. Reuse, reduce, recycle keeping a perfectly good reusable used tire in use makes sense for many motorists. The US has an estimated 10,00 used tire shops in all fifty states and in US territories as well. Soon Online Store With Select And Direct To Consumer Used Tire Shop Online Is happy to announce the future of our online store. By popular demand, will open an online E-commerce Used Tire shop. Our site will be updated daily with our available stock. We will begin selling online used tires shortly here in South Florida and then once ou database generator is online we can ship in the continental USA. Stay tuned to our news blog and will keep everyone updated as to the WEb redo!

Used Tires For Sale Worldwide On The Internet

Used Tire News-Deerfield beach, Fl-More and more with a search on Google for Used tires you will find an online retailer. The numbers of used tires offered online direct to consumers is rapidly growing. Some online used tire sellers are large enough they are looking for preferred installers like Ture rack has. That is right the used tire industry has grown so fast some etailers are actively seeking dedicated installers of their used tires. Th growth in this niche sector has exploded with apps and eBay and Amazon as well as Facebook and Craigslist available to used tire sellers. all you have to do is a Google search for used tires, used tires for sale, used tires near me, used tires for lease changeover vehicles, leaseback used tires and so forth.

Used Tires Being Sold On The Net In Record Numbers

Deerfield Beach, Fl-Used Tire News-Like so many other products the internet has changed the way we sell used tires. From used tires being sold export, used tires wholesale or direct to consumer online used tire etailing has arrived. Used tires are being sold direct from websites like Ebay,, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.
Used tire etailers have found a niche market online. They are selling tens of thousands of units per year. Some are much more sophisticated than others and have sales and followings in the tens of thousands.

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