Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach,Fl-Since the advent of the tire used tires have been sold. Back in the day when retreading was still a viable business for car tires casings were a huge business. As the sale of radial tires,steel-belted entered the tire market used tires became more popular. Used tire dealers in the US number in the thousands every city in every state and territory have used tires for sale.
Since the downturn in passenger car retrading there has been a huge boom in used tire sales worldwide. used tire dealers and flat fix shops have been around for decades. many used tire dealers are the same independent tire dealers that sell new tires as well. Used tire dealers have adapted to the new GIG economy and offer many services including tire plugs and patches for repairing tires. Many used tire dealers offer other services like oil changes and tuneups and do brake repairs too.


Used Tire news-For decades under different names and in different countries worldwide the new tire makers association has been spreading half-truths and outright lies about the used tire industry. The new tire makers have not figured out used tires are not going anywhere and we will continue to expand our markets.
Used tire sales are up and on the increase worldwide. Almost all developed countries are generators of used tires. most are also importers and exporters of used tires.
From the US, Canada to Germany, Japan, South Korea, and China as well as almost all of western Europe are exporters of used tires. used tires circle the globe in both export and import markets. even the countries that have bans on them still get them and resell them.


To be the premier advocate, trusted voice, and thought leader for the U.S. tire manufacturing industry. Advancing safe, sustainable mobility for the future.


Safety is the tire industry’s top priority. We are committed to making tires that make driving easier, safer, smarter and more sustainable. Tire manufacturers are in constant pursuit of excellence by inventing new ways to design and engineer tires. Tires today are much safer and better performing than the tires from a few decades ago. The most recent government data analysis showed tire-related crashes decreased by over 50% between 2007 and 2010.

From environmental stewardship to workplace safety to corporate social responsibility, USTMA members are committed to continuous improvement. USTMA members have reduced energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and are incorporating sustainable and biogenic materials in tire manufacturing. USTMA is a leader in advocating strong scrap tire laws that have reduced stockpiled tires by 93% nationwide while nearly 90% of scrap tires are consumed in end use markets.

Tire manufacturing helps keep the American economy moving. U.S. tire makers employ nearly 100,000 people in our country, including factory workers and highly skilled scientists, engineers and others. Tires are always in demand, which makes tire manufacturing the kind of steady, robust industry our communities can count on in this changing economy.

Tires are the only part of a car that touches the road and that connection is critically important to keeping the American economy moving and the driving public safe. The tire manufacturing industry has invested billions of dollars in improving tires so they are significantly safer and more sustainable than just a few decades ago – and they’re only getting better.



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USED TIRE NEWS-As we enter the new decade it is over a decade since used tires became big sellers online. As we entered the digital economy used tires became a hot commodity online. Used tire dealers have found the internet and are using it.


We are talking about a pair or a set being sold on eBay or Amazon. The two online sites have become a powerhouse marketplace for used tires direct to consumers. Used tire sellers have found and mastered the sale of used tires online. The used tire industry has seen online used tires explode in the new digital age, and tire dealers have found selling a quality product at a fair price is the key.
Used tire dealers also are using Offer-Up, Facebook and Craigslist to sell used tires locally to consumers online. They simply take a few photS then write a description of the tires being offered and post a price and they have found another way to market used tires.

Reuse Reduce Recycle-Used Tires Are Integral Part Of The Tire Recycling Industry

Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Reuse, Reduce Recycle the mantra of recycling anything. Used tires are a valuable part of the 300 million-plus tires discarded every year in the YS. Estimates last year from NAUTE(Used Tire Association) show used tire sales in excess of 40 million units in the US. That means 40 million used tires have been repurposed and are not part of our landfills or were processed as TDF, yet. reselling used tires is as important a part of the scrap tire process as any. Culling out and repairing and reselling usable used ires is a plus for the environment.


Used Tire news-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Since our first time to Germany to purchase used tires in 1992 I have been asking the same question. How come German used tire exporter can inventory and itemize your packing list and American used tires dealers can not or will not. For the American used tire wholesaler maintaining a balanced inventory is right up there with quality. I am still not sure of the answer. That said Germany leads the world in Used Tire exports, even though there are other countries that generate more used tres than they do.
The US has one giant powerhouse in Liberty Tire they recycle and sell more used tires than anyone in the US. Liberty can not duplicate the efficiency of most German used tire dealers. Those in the know have been quietly importing or buying German used tires imported into the US.

American Used Tire Sales Tops 40 Million Units 2019

Deerfield-Beach,Fl-Used Tire News-Used tire sales in the USA reached a record 40 million tires this past year. The majority of US used tires were sold at the retail level and the second was US Exports to South America and the Caribbean.US used tire retailers are selling used tires in both brick and mortar used tire shops as well as on the internet. Amazon and eBay are the two biggest online websites offering used tires direct to consumers. Used tires online are fast becoming one of the biggest sectors of selling used tires in the USA.

Used Tire News-January 2020

Used Tire, fast-paced technology advances in IoT and digitalization have been affecting almost all industries. One might think that tire recycling and pyrolysis industries are far beyond the scope of this trend. Yet, quite the opposite is happening. Below, we will explain how tire recycling and pyrolysis plant operators will be embracing effects of advancing tire manufacturing technologies.…

Coming tomorrow 2019 year-end Used Tire Sales. We will have the export numbers as well as the domestic used tire sales for the US in 2019.


The used tire industry is selling more used tires in the USA than ever. The majority are being sold in retail used tire shops. The next biggest category for used tires sales is online. Amazon, CraigsList, Facebook have all facilitated the sale of used tires. eBay has been a powerhouse in the used tire online game. Used tires are being sold in record number with an estimated 40Millin in total being exported and or resold in used tire shops across America. A simple Google search of used tires, used tires for sale or buy used tires and used tires near me will present millions of search results.

Recycling Of Used Tires- Tire Derived Fuel Is It A Scam For Fees

August 5,2019-Used Tire Beach, Fl-Used Tire recycling and fee collecting is it a scam? The fact of the matter is tire manufacturers should be held to cradle to grave recycling by law. The makers of tires have sold the public a bill of goods as to the effectiveness and environmentally safe destruction of tires by burning with coal. How many people have their hands in the till collecting scrap tire fees? Where is all of this money going? If you check out your invoices when buying tires itis confusing at best what the consumer is paying and to whom for tire disposal.
The tire industry taught the cement industry how to “monetize” scrap tires for fuel. They created Tire Derived Fuel for a tipping fee. For cement makers, it was a win-win they make money and save on the cost of coal to run their kilns. The bill of good sold by tire makers that tires are burning hotter and cleaner than coal does not say much. Tires burning j the kilns emit plenty of toxins also, just like coal. America is burning nearly 150 million scrap tires a year, but not really clean tire to energy as they would like you to believe.fact is Goodyear Bridgestone/Firestone Pirelli they are the ones that should be handling the worldwide scrap tire issue, yes scrap tires are still a problem.

Has The Tire Industry Scammed Us Into Believing Tire Derived Fuel Is Recycling And Not An Environmental Hazard

July 19, 2019
Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach, Fl- As we have written about many times more than half of the used tires/scrap tires disposed of annually are processed by cement kilns. Has the tire industry sold the world a bill of goods just so they can cheaply discard of 150 million-plus scrap tires every year in an environmentally unsound and polluting way? Well if you take a look at tires being burned in cement kilns you may begin to question other than the cement company saving money as well as the cheap disposal method for the tire dealer who else is benefitting. Certainly, environmentalists have been questioning the Tires burn cleaner and hotter than coal. Really who said coal burned clean? The truth- the dirty truth is that tire manufacturers need to be held to “cradle to grave” recycling if we are ever going to really solve the scrap tire problem. Burning tires in kilns is at best a short term solution of what to do with them as opposed to a really good for the environment solution. Tire recycling cradle to grave putting the emphasis where it belongs environmentally safe destruction and reuse of as much material before destruction, by the factory.

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