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SESENA SPAIN-One of Europes largest scrap tire piles has been set on fire.This phenomena is not unusual as the US and Europe and other countries have for decades have been challenged by scrap tires and how and what to do with scrap tires.
Lets clear up the difference between a Used Tire which is still a reeusable product that can be reused as a “used tire” on a vehicle,a scrap tire is a discarded unusable as a tire but may have use as Tire Derived Fuel or can be recycled in another way. Used Tires are a commodity and are sold worldwide.
The US still has many scrap tire piles.I personally have visited dozens some just in the last few years in Lancaster Pa and the Poconos.The largest pile I visited was in Boudin Maine had an estimated 25 Million scrap tires.
Scrap tire piles pose hazards such as mosquito infestation and potential fire risks.solution
Solution “Cradle to Grave Recycling” putting the responsiblity on the “Tire Makers” not the tire retailers and scrap tire processors.Goodyear,Firestone Michelin Pirelli Continetal,Toyo and all of the other brands you may not have heard of they made the product they need to be held responsible for its proper recycling this is the solution.
About 8,000 apartment dwellers had already left their homes in Sesena, a central town near Madrid, as the thick smoke poured out from the fire that started before dawn, the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha announced.Officials now have the tire fire under control.
The Spanish government has allowed thousands of residents to return to their homes following a massive tire fire that smothered the town of Sesena in toxic smoke.


20160512_171304used-tires (6)
Deerfield Beach ,Fl-Used Tire News -The US leads in th Export of used tires according to DOC Export information.The other worldwide leaders are as follows.
Used tire trade generally starts in an industrializd country as that is where the good “Take Off Used Tires” are.The flow from the US and Canada tends to be to go south with Mexico then, US territory of Puerto Rico and The Dominican Republic,Central America also imports Million of used tires from North America every year Belize El Salvador,Guatemala, Nicaragua,Panama,Honduras and then South America in the countries that still permit them.From Europe used tires are sent to Africa and other Eastern European countries are also big buyers in the used tire export market.
Most used tire exportation takes place using containers that are shipped on vessels,some by truck and some by rail.The Used Tire Association using DOC and PIERS numbers combined assembled the above list.Used Tire News could not obtain figures for certain countries that are worth mentioning as they export used tires in huge quantities Austria Switzerland,Denmark,Italy,Norway Finland.
The growth of used tires sold online is obvious in Europe as well as hre in the US it is a fast growing part of used tire sales.Ebay,Craigslist,Let Go app, are all offering a selling platform and making it easy for used tire dealers to compete in the Digital Economy.


Goodyear_blimpMichelin-manCarli and Lexi Boca 12-5-13

Deerfield Beach ,Fl-Used Tire News -The National Used Tire Dealers Association statistics show the following used tires are the best selling brands.
The most popular used tires sold by brand are pictured above! As reported earlier in Used Tire News Goodyear,Michelen and Bridgestone Firestone lead online used tire sales by brand

7-235-70-16 LT
These sizes are the leaders in retail online used tires and brick and mortar used tire shops and flat fix stores in the Us and Puerto Rico.As Used Tire News reported earlier.Used tire dealers still sell more 195-60-15,225-60-16 and 225-55-17,225-40-18 in todays market compared to 195-75-14 or 195-60-14 or 225-75-15 in prior years

For 2015 Used Tire News reported the above sizes are the most sold.

2016 online used tire sales are brisk Ebay and Amazon as well leading used tire sites are also selling “Direct To Consumers” like TireRack sells new tires.
The potential for Used Tire Sales to exceed One Million used tires this year appears to be happening.This puts used tires sold online behind Exports and Brick and Mortar but clearly the fastest growing and most profitable sector as told by prices used tires sell for online. Used tire online sellers seem to be focusing on “High Priced New Tires by Size” and seeking those sizes and selling them for under 50 percent of the cost new.
The state selling the most used tires online is Pennsylvania perhaps because Liberty Tire and other huge used tire wholesalers are located there.


used-tires (5)Untitled-2IMG-20110414-00065used-tires (7)

USED TIRES NEWS-News Deerfield Beach Fl Used Tire Industry has evolved from the first tire ever sold.and the became resold.Thr Tire Recycling Industry came into its existence in the Eighties mostly as Environmental concerns and State Laws came into existence.As the Staes adopted Scrap Tire legislation Tire Recycling became more profitable.Many folks from outside the tire industry as well as those from within joined in this new sector of the Tire Industry.
Currntly th US disposes of 300 plus Million Discarded Scrap Tires annually.Over half are bing used as TDF Tire Derived Fuel in Cement Kiln alongside coal and in place of it.Another huge use of used tires disposed is Tire Mulch and running tracks and playgrounds.That said cumlativeley the best use has been reuse selling them as Casings for retreadable tires or as used tires .
According to The National Association of Used Tire Dealers.
The largest Tire Recyclers in The Us are
1-Liberty Tire
2-Lakin Tire
3-Emmanuel Tire
4-Casings Inc.
5-Bobs Tire
Collectively these five companies control close to 75 percent of American generated used tires sold and process and handle the same 75 percent of the 300 Million discarded every year.The balance of 25 percent is divided amongst Hundreds of tire recyclers from all Fifty States that just handle a smaller volume sometimes for the BIG FIVE as sub contracors in harder to reach areas.


used-tires (3)

Deerfield Beach ,Fl-Used Tire News -The National Used Tire Dealers Association statistics show the following used tires are the best selling.
the most popular used tires sold by brand are pictured above!
7-235-70-16 LT
These sizes are the leaders in retail online used tires and brick and mortar used tire shops and flat fix stores in the Us and Puerto Rico.As Used Tire News reported earlier.Used tire dealers still sell more 195-60-15,225-60-16 and 225-55-17 in todays market compared to 195-75-14 or 195-60-14 or 225-75-*15 in prior years.Increases in Used Truck Tire sales has also spiked some claim as a result of Truck Tire Tariffs on Chinese Imports.
Used tires online sales are outpacing all othr sectors in used tires sales.Used tire dealers have found online used tire sales to be a natural add on to their brick and mortar sales.As other used tire dealers in Pennsylvania,California Florida and Texas have focused in on used tires sold only online.
Even bulk used tires sales are taking place on,, and the internets leader in used tires sales and the oldest used tire website on the internet dedicated to used tire dealers and used tire sales, and yes used tires online direct to consumers is coming in 2016 from !

High New Tire Prices Push Used Tire Sales Up!

Deerfield Beach ,Fl-Used Tire News -The National Used Tire Dealers Association statistics show a huge increase from 2014 to 2015 and an even bigger increase this year 2016.Sales increases are due to higher tire prices and poor economic recovery affecting the average joe. Used tire dealers still sell more 195-60-15,225-60-16 and 225-55-17 in todays market compared to 195-75-14 or 195-60-14 or 225-75-*15 in prior years.Increases in Used Truck Tire sales has also spiked some claim as a result of Truck Tire Tariffs on Chinese Imports.The Association is predicting 2016 is going to be the best year for used tires sales in the US ever.Used tires sold from used tire wholesalers to used tire retailers acoount for the biggest portion of bulk used tire sales internet sales of used tires onlinew is the fastest growing sector.Used tire sales originating in the US and intrastate used tires sold are also up.

The National Used Tire Dealers Association also continues to keep up with new and pending legislation affecting used tire dealers.Most of this proposed Legislation is created and written by New Tire makers Goodyear,Firstone, Pirelli and Michelin and their Association The RMA.


California and Florida and Texas lead Used Tires sales.

Deerfield Beach ,Fl-Used Tire News -The National Used Tire Dealers Association statitstics show California sold more used tires in the first quarter and Florida a close second due to used tires sold for Export and Texas in third, New York at number 4.
Pennsylvania is the online used tires sales Capital.The densest place that used tires sales occur in the US are Los Angeles,NYC and Miami/Tampa used tire markets.Texas also is selling huge quantites including those Exported to Mexico,Honduras,Guatmala,Belize, El Salvador,Nicaragua and Panama.The largest single growth sector to in usewd tires,is used tires sold online.Still the used tires sold overseas that are bought by consumers for cars and trucks and tractors and more, as ABC reported yesterday are also being used when they are Discarded to help TRAP MOSQUITOS for testing AND eradicaton in countries already infested .If properly controlled used tires can help solve our mosquito problem not foster it.Used Tires for years had been touted as an Excuse to try and persuade Foreign officials to ban their importation.


Deerfield Beach,Fl-used tire news-The Natonal Used Tire Dealers Association reporting first quarter 2016 sales in excess of 11.5 Million used tires
Used tires again due to economic factors selling at a higher pace a than ever.The economy has created not only a spike in Domestice Brick and Mortar used tires being sold but an INCREDIBLE JUMP IN ONLINE USED TIRES BEING SOLD.
All on has to do is Google used tires,used tires online or buy used tires online,usedtires for sale and you’ll receive Millions and Millions of Google page returns sending you to sites like a true leader in the most up to date used tire news for sale and the Authority on Used Tire Industry News.
The National Used Tire Dealers Association had predicted brisk January and February sales for the spike over 2015’s banner sales record year.Th Association is hoping sales break the Majical 50 Million used tires this year.


used-tires (3)
Used Tires news-Deerfield Beach Fl,-Used Tire Dealers Association, reporting record breaking US used tire sales in 2015.Totalling Used tires Exported, Used tires sold in bulk,and used tires wholesale.
Used Tires sold in used tire shops and flat fix stores and by new tire retailers account for the biggest portion and now online direct used tires to consumers via websites,Ebay and Amazon.
The Association says the still sluggish recovery in the economy is the reason used tire sales have skyrockted.
An estimated 300 Million tires are sold new annually in the US.Forty Million for the first time exceeds the Ten percent barrier New Tire makers and Used tire haters like Goodyear,Bridgstone-Firestone and Pirelli and sometimes Michelin prefer,but used tire consumers have the final say!
From Used Tires News and – From our Family to Yours Happy New Year!

FBI Dept Of Justice Probe Puerto Rican Shippers

Dept Of Justice Probe Puerto Rican Shippers

Civil antitrust lawsuits have been filed in US Distict Federal Court in San Juan.
The lawsuits filed by La Esperanza Bus Lines and Rona Distribtors
Alleging “Price Fixing” and “Collusion” in violation of Antitrust Laws.
Crowley ,Horizon Lines, Trailerbridge and Sea Star are all apparently the targets of an FBI/Justice Department probe into Price fixing amongst Puerto Rican shipping lines.
This Used Tire exporter has a twenty year relation with Crowley.
My calls to Crowley and my contacts their have gone unanswered.
I have asked our attorneys to seek whatever remedy we are entitled to ,as it appears we are victims of PRICE FIXING in what was already a close knit tightly held cirle of shippers whose actions are long overdue for a federal investigation.
The charges and surcharges normally in the shipping business are ridiculous only car dealers and cellular telephone companies have as many phony charges on an invoice.
In this tough economy the last thing any business needs is their own suppliers /shippers working against them and being GREEDY and doing STUPID Allegedely Illegal things.

Below in an excerpt from Crowley’s Website
pressroom NO mention of the Federal Investigation.
No mention of how they apparently have been conspiring to fix prices and cheat their own customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Record Fuel Prices Place Stress on Ocean Shipping

The following was released by the World Shipping Council on May 2, 2008.

Shipping lines worldwide are struggling as crude oil prices topped an unprecedented US$119 per barrel this week, in turn pushing marine bunker fuel prices up past $552 per ton � a $26 per ton increase since the end of March alone. Bunker

prices have risen 87% since the beginning of 2007.

Fuel costs represent as much as 50-60% of total ship

operating costs, depending on the type of ship and service.

Ocean carriers are required to recover these costs to maintain levels of service, meaning the price of shipping goods will continue to face upward pressures.

To illustrate the effect of the rising fuel costs, consider the following example of a large modern container vessel used in the Trans-Pacific trade with an actual, maximum container capacity of 7,750 TEUs (twenty foot equivalents) or 3,875 FEUs (forty foot equivalents).[This size vessel is used only as an example. Fuel efficiency varies by vessel size and other factors] With the cost of bunker fuel at $552 per ton, with fuel consumption at 217 tons per day, and a 14 day voyage, a single round trip voyage for this one vessel would produce a fuel bill of $3,353,952. This number could be greater for a number of reasons, such as if the voyage were more than 14 days, or if the vessel were smaller and less fuel efficient per container, or if schedule delays required the vessel to speed up to stay on schedule.

Recovery of fuel cost from cargo customers is a challenge when one considers that vessel capacity utilization is not 100%, that trades are not evenly balanced (e.g., U.S. Trans-Pacific exports may utilize only half of a vessel�s capacity), that different trades and commodities can handle different levels of rates, and that fuel prices continue to rise. If a cargo shipper pays less than its share of the fuel cost, it can only mean that other shippers must pay more, and/or the carrier fails to recover its operating cost, which is not a sustainable business scenario.

Fuel cost recovery cannot be done on a per-vessel/per-sailing basis. A carrier has strings of vessels operating in scheduled service and must recover its

total costs. Thus, the above example scenario, if extended to a single weekly Trans-Pacific service using five vessels, would create an annual fuel bill to the carrier of $220 million.[(5 ships) x (217 tons/day) x ($552/ton) x (365 days per year) = $218,605,800]

Approximately 1,500 ocean-going liner vessels, mostly containerships, make more than 26,000 U.S. port calls each year, providing American importers and exporters with efficient transportation services to and from roughly 175 countries.

Today, U.S. commerce is served by more than 125 weekly container services.

The annual fuel cost for the services is tens of billions of dollars and continues to rise substantially.

How carriers seek to obtain recovery of these rapidly rising fuel costs in the current market is a matter for commercial negotiations, but the significance and the magnitude and the consequences of the challenge continue to grow.

Operational Changes
Carriers have been responding to the high cost of fuel by utilizing a range of operational adjustments. Beginning in early 2007, most container lines began restructuring their operations to address fuel price trends. They have:

� redeployed ships among global trade lanes to optimize utilization

� consolidated services through multi-carrier alliances

� consolidated routes to serve more locations with fewer ships

� slowed sailing speeds to conserve fuel where possible within schedule

� improved monitoring of hull and propeller conditions to reduce resistance and improve efficiency

� adopted container transloading, street turns and other strategies to cut inland fuel costs

Considering that these steps have generally already been taken by shipping lines, there are limited additional operational measures that vessels can take to further reduce fuel consumption.

Environmental Measures to Add to Cost Increases

Environmental initiatives to address vessel air emissions will add to these growing costs. The World Shipping Council has fully supported the efforts of the U.S. and other governments to establish new environmental standards for vessel air emissions, and supports the new standards that the International Maritime Organization has recently agreed to for new engine standards and new fuel standards. However, the cost of low sulfur fuels to be used in Emission Control Areas will be roughly double the cost of bunker fuel, thus creating even more upward operating cost pressures going forward.

While the liner shipping industry fully understand its responsibility to implement and adhere to these new environmental standards, it is essential that the environmental community and regulators also understand that fuel prices are already causing ships to minimize fuel consumption and minimize emissions. Ships cannot afford to waste fuel and do not emit more CO2 than is necessary for the conduct of commerce. Further taxes or charges on fuel consumption will not cause fewer green house gas emissions; it would only raise costs, and further add to inflation.

It is also important to recognize that ocean shipping is the most energy efficient form on freight transportation. For example, recent estimates show that moving goods by ocean container can be 17 times more fuel efficient than transporting the same goods by air and 10 times more efficient than transporting the goods by road. Environmentally, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by shipping goods by sea.


Every sector of the economy is being affected by rising fuel costs.

The transportation industry is being particularly hard hit.

While ocean carriers may provide the most fuel efficient form of transportation, they face an unavoidable imperative of recovering these rising costs if current service levels are to be maintained.

Conclusion must have been drawn by the executives at Crowley that Price fixing is a better solution just rob from your own customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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