According to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), Texas is well-known among other American states for its end-of-life tire problem. This May, Eco-Flex – one of the leading tire recycling companies in Canada – announced it would establish a major manufacturing, distribution, and sales center in Lampasas, Texas to help tackle the problem. The new tire recycling plant is expected to bring up to 200 jobs to the area while supporting the state’s progressive economic growth plans. The construction of the 25,000-square-foot tire recycling plant is expected to begin on June 2, 2020.

According to the company, Eco-Flex has earned a global reputation as an innovator in the recycling of end-of-life passenger car tires and manufacturing recycled rubber products. Every year, the business produces crumb rubber from approximately three million discarded tires for use in new construction and remodeling, sidewalks, access ramps and more. The company’s customers range from municipalities to segments of the commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural industries. Three of the company’s major products include sound barrier protection walls, sidewalk blocks, and patio blocks. According to the company, these products are one-of-a-kind and exclusive to Eco-Flex.

Eco-Wall – Eco-flex Recycled Rubber Solutions | Video by Eco-Flex.

According to Heather Deal, a Vancouver, B.C. city councilor, the Eco-Flex products were an asset to the community she represents. “We have the greenest city initiative and these sidewalks are made of recycled tires which makes them a great alternative to concrete. We also have a lot of people of different abilities in this city and we want to make sure our sidewalks are comfortable for pedestrians and people in wheelchairs…they are a very successful product for us.”

The company reports that the Eco-Flex move been initiated by lifelong Texas resident, Mike Cour, president of U.S. operations who said Texas is the perfect place to showcase Eco-Flex’s one-of-a-kind product. He cited the state’s forward-thinking plans for an integrated transportation system and the more than 8,000 planned associated projects as a primary reason for the company’s decision. Likewise, the state is a hub for tire recycling and ranks second in the country for most automobiles on the roads. Texas is also home to Genan, a large tire recycling company that breaks down tires into the raw material that Eco-Flex then uses to produce its environmentally-friendly patent-protected products.

As reported by Eco-Flex, at the heart of the company’s mission is a commitment to safeguarding the environment. Its products solve for two major ecological issues:

1) excessive timber use in construction leading to deforestation; 2) overuse of concrete, which is responsible for up to eight percent of the world’s CO2 emissions, leading to harmful greenhouse gases.

“Texas is the ideal location for our new facilities. Its strong economy, green-friendly attitude, and the willingness of officials at all levels to collaborate with us made our decision a no-brainer,” said Cour. “Every day, Eco-Flex helps transform a century-old environmental problem into a collection of innovative solutions for public and residential applications, and the state, business community and Texans, in general, are on board with that.”

Currently, Eco-Flex has been responsible for recycling over 50 million end-of-life passenger car tires. Manufacturing at the new Lampasas, TX, plant is expected to begin in August with products available for purchase directly from the U.S. operations office. The company will continue its strong operational presence in Canada.

For more information, visit the official website of Eco-Flex.