Used Tire News-For the better part of three decades Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone, and Pirelli along with Michelin and others have waged a war of smears and lies against used tires. The tire manufacturers have banded together in a concerted effort to eliminate or hinder the sale of used tires worldwide. They have sought outright bans on the sale of used tires in South America, Central America, The Mideast Africa. Australia and Europe. In an industry where recycling of discarded scrap tires has been an afterthought. Only when push came to shove did the tire makers fake the government into believing the programs they established in the eighties and nineties were viable. In reality, there is not much recycling of rubber more than the conversion of tires to TDF for cement.

This week Goodyear announced ts new concept tire. This tire would generate its own rubber and replace it as it is in use?