Used Tire News-Deerfield Beach, Fl-My first trip to Germany in 1992 I was stunned to see tire doubling and tripling. What exactly are these folks doing bending one tire and putting it inside of another? Saving shipping costs is the answer to the question.
You see as the new tire makers pushed and lied and lobbied by breaking FCPA and were trying to eliminate used tire markets worldwide. Used tire dealers were busy shipping more used tires in a container than ever before.
Today as many know tires are doubled, tripled and there are machines to do it as well as to remove them. Several used tire dealers have patented different machines. The first being the “Tyre Press” out of the Netherlands. Used tire dealers have shown how it is not only possible but feasible to ship used tires in containers this way, doubled and tripled. The technology today allows for an almost flawless system without doing any harm to that amazing product the used tire.