This week Goodyear involved in a defective products lawsuit asked an Arizona Judge to call a reporter and have the story killed and not publish the clerk of courts record of the cover-up showing Goodyear knew since 1996 about selling defective products.This according to Jalopnik.The tire in question is Goodyears G-159

Goodyear has denied their defective tires are involved in 95 deaths or injuries.The G-159 is a recreational vehicle tire.

No just trying to eliminate fair competition that has taken over ten percent of your market share.

Goodyear is a founding member of USTMA and has lead a thirty-year smear campaign against sellers of used tires while hiding for twenty they made and knowingly sold dangerous tires.

USTMA firmly believes businesses should not be permitted to install tires that are worn out, damaged or exhibit other unsafe conditions. In Colorado and New Jersey, we successfully advocated for legislation to reduce the availability of unsafe used tires. We are now working to support similar efforts in several other states to protect drivers from this safety hazard. (Please note when they say advocate we say they use or abuse their influence and they actually write the bill.This is how bills become laws” K Street” lobbying groups use any and all means to push their agendas.We know they have bribed government officials (members of USTMA)violating our “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act “as well as the Sherman Anti-Trust Act domestically.