Used Tire has confirmed record sales for 2017 online direct to consumer of used tires. That is right used tires are being sold and shipped UPS or Fedex direct to consumers.This years cyber Monday sales are just the tip of the iceberg for US online used tire sales.
This business is not new ,but has exploded with the rest of online tire sales.Used Tires are being sold on websites direct to consumers,Amazon and Ebay as well as Facebook and Craigslist are also popular platforms for used tire sales.
Used Tires in High performance and high end sizes seem to be the key for used tire dealers entering the online market.Used tires online has been something many tire dealers were skeptical of just a few years ago.Used tires which as an American industry sold closer to 45 million units last year export,wholesale and retail. New tire makers estimated the 30 million were sold last year.We are not sure where this tire manufacturers group get their numbers of our sales from,that said who cares.
Used tires online a new and true market for the sale of used tires.