5738  TIR FIRE
SESENA SPAIN-One of Europes largest scrap tire piles has been set on fire.This phenomena is not unusual as the US and Europe and other countries have for decades have been challenged by scrap tires and how and what to do with scrap tires.
Lets clear up the difference between a Used Tire which is still a reeusable product that can be reused as a “used tire” on a vehicle,a scrap tire is a discarded unusable as a tire but may have use as Tire Derived Fuel or can be recycled in another way. Used Tires are a commodity and are sold worldwide.
The US still has many scrap tire piles.I personally have visited dozens some just in the last few years in Lancaster Pa and the Poconos.The largest pile I visited was in Boudin Maine had an estimated 25 Million scrap tires.
Scrap tire piles pose hazards such as mosquito infestation and potential fire risks.solution
Solution “Cradle to Grave Recycling” putting the responsiblity on the “Tire Makers” not the tire retailers and scrap tire processors.Goodyear,Firestone Michelin Pirelli Continetal,Toyo and all of the other brands you may not have heard of they made the product they need to be held responsible for its proper recycling this is the solution.
About 8,000 apartment dwellers had already left their homes in Sesena, a central town near Madrid, as the thick smoke poured out from the fire that started before dawn, the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha announced.Officials now have the tire fire under control.
The Spanish government has allowed thousands of residents to return to their homes following a massive tire fire that smothered the town of Sesena in toxic smoke.