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USED TIRES NEWS-News Deerfield Beach Fl Used Tire Industry has evolved from the first tire ever sold.and the became resold.Thr Tire Recycling Industry came into its existence in the Eighties mostly as Environmental concerns and State Laws came into existence.As the Staes adopted Scrap Tire legislation Tire Recycling became more profitable.Many folks from outside the tire industry as well as those from within joined in this new sector of the Tire Industry.
Currntly th US disposes of 300 plus Million Discarded Scrap Tires annually.Over half are bing used as TDF Tire Derived Fuel in Cement Kiln alongside coal and in place of it.Another huge use of used tires disposed is Tire Mulch and running tracks and playgrounds.That said cumlativeley the best use has been reuse selling them as Casings for retreadable tires or as used tires .
According to The National Association of Used Tire Dealers.
The largest Tire Recyclers in The Us are
1-Liberty Tire
2-Lakin Tire
3-Emmanuel Tire
4-Casings Inc.
5-Bobs Tire
Collectively these five companies control close to 75 percent of American generated used tires sold and process and handle the same 75 percent of the 300 Million discarded every year.The balance of 25 percent is divided amongst Hundreds of tire recyclers from all Fifty States that just handle a smaller volume sometimes for the BIG FIVE as sub contracors in harder to reach areas.