Deerfield Beach ,Fl-Used Tire News -The National Used Tire Dealers Association statistics show a huge increase from 2014 to 2015 and an even bigger increase this year 2016.Sales increases are due to higher tire prices and poor economic recovery affecting the average joe. Used tire dealers still sell more 195-60-15,225-60-16 and 225-55-17 in todays market compared to 195-75-14 or 195-60-14 or 225-75-*15 in prior years.Increases in Used Truck Tire sales has also spiked some claim as a result of Truck Tire Tariffs on Chinese Imports.The Association is predicting 2016 is going to be the best year for used tires sales in the US ever.Used tires sold from used tire wholesalers to used tire retailers acoount for the biggest portion of bulk used tire sales internet sales of used tires onlinew is the fastest growing sector.Used tire sales originating in the US and intrastate used tires sold are also up.

The National Used Tire Dealers Association also continues to keep up with new and pending legislation affecting used tire dealers.Most of this proposed Legislation is created and written by New Tire makers Goodyear,Firstone, Pirelli and Michelin and their Association The RMA.