DANGEROUS CHINESE TIRESDangerous Chinese TiresOnce again we Americans are faced with a recall of Dangerous Chinese products.This time tires…..Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co in Hangzhou,China.Apparently will not stand by its American Distributorand is leaving Foriegn Tire sales of Union Nj to fend forthemselves…American Consumers and Importers alike take notice!~!!this chinese so called factory is abondoning its American distributorm and not making good on its defective products..Melamine poisoning ,bad petfoods,toys Tires we are their biggest customer if they do not make good a defective tire where do they make good claims for defective merchandise…Caveat Emptor BUYER BEWARE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This Chinese tire factory should make good all defective tires to its distributor so the distributor can make good to his clients and consumers..Where is the outrage an American company is left holding the bag ..and American consumers are at risk!~maybe Quality Used tires made in USA are safer???????????Compass,Telluride,westlake and YKS Brands….Checksizes LT 235-75-16,225-75-16,235-85-16,245-75-16,265-75-16,3110.50-15lt DOT numbers and letters beginning dot 7d and end in 02,03,04,or05 FTSLetters also