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Used Tires .Com is an industry leader in used tire sales,
Used Tires .Com has been serving used tire dealers for over twenty years!

What can we do for Used tires Dealers? always has the customers best interests in mind. We provide quality used tires at an excellent price. We'll even customize our customers orders to fit their needs as a tire dealer. Are you a used tire dealer that needs a bulk quanity of tires? If yes, used tire dealers can have a container load of tires delivered to your business!


Would you like to buy tires wholesale from

Are you a used tire dealer looking to purchase custom orders of bulk used tires? At we send an unlimited amount of container loads full of used tires to our customers. We ship tires worldwide and provide freight and customs documentation for your order.

At Used Tires .Com we carry used tires in every shape and size imaginable available in wholesale quantities by the container load.

  1. We carry both foreign and domestic used tires in a variety of sizes.
  2. Looking for Low Profile Used Tires? We carry low profile used tires in all sizes.
  3. Need tires for a Truck or Trailer? We carry a wide variety of truck and trailer used tires.

Are you looking to recycle your scrap tires?

We serve the east coast of the United States with offices in Pennsylvania and Florida.

Used Tires .Com does scrap tire disposal. In fact we are a leader in used tire recycling, we take loads of scrap tires. The scrap tires are recycled and processed into Tire Derived fuel. We scrap millions of tires a year to recycling companies. Contact us today to get rid of your scrap tires!

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Used Tire sales soar to over 17.5 Million

Used tires sales are on track to hit over 35 Million units in the US for the first half of 2014.Used tires dealers are as busy as they have ever been according to the Industries trade organization .

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Used Tire Dealers use SEO techniques for their websites

The importance of search Engine Optimization is as important to sellers of used tires as it is to any business with a website.Getting your business our business page one search results on Google,Bing and Yahoo,Excilta Vista and hundreds of otheh engines is key.Whatever white hat techni

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Used tire sellers and Used tire associations watching state laws

Used tires are sold on internet and at used tire retailers have become subject to heavy Lobbying for lack of a better term by new tire makers. National Association of Used Tire Dealers and Naute the used tires association for exporters.

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Where do your used and scrap tires go...

When the Rubber is done meeting the road tires wind up in a lot of places. Hopefully in Licensed Recycling Centers for scrap tires,below is a some of the thing being done with used tires and scrap tires

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Usedtires and tire ageing,

Tonite ABC will do expose on tires and TIRE ageing. It is funny how the same people who use and make this argument when they (Tire Makers)talk about used tires and dangerous products> The NEW Tire Makers and The Rubber Manufactures Association are not in favor of Tire Ageing legislation while they

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First Quarter Usedi Tires sold a new Record almost 11 Million used tires.

National Association of Used Tire Dealers reports close TO 11 MILLION Used Tires AN ALL TIME RECORD FOR THE SALES OF USED TIRES IN AND FROM THE USA The National Association of Used Tire dealers along with NAUTE the association for used tire exporters both track US sales of used tires

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